Local Tips

Essential & General Tips for Traveling to Cozumel 

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Where to get COVID-19 tests:


Cozumel Covid Restrictions 

Most businesses and tourist attraction are currently open in Cozumel, they will be more than happy to welcome you. Wearing a mask is required and mandated by the local authorities at all times. Many restaurants offer outdoor sitting and takeout service and operate under strict regulated guidelines. To see our recommendations for best restaurants, beaches, souvenir and grocery shopping click here.


You can remove your masks once sited at your table in a restaurant or at a beach club. Supermarkets on the other hand requiere masks at all times and will not allow access without a mask. 

Cozumel is still operating under island wide curfew from 12AM through 5AM - 7 days a week. There is a fine of 2 600 MXN or 36 hours in jail for not following the rule. Some restaurants and bars are open until 11PM daily, beach clubs from 8-9AM to 5PM. 

General Information

  • City water is not recommended for consumption. 

  • If you are traveling from Europe, do not forget an adapter for North American outlets.

  • Cozumel is one of the most popular tourist destinations and locals depend on their earned tips. It is common to tip 10%-20%. 

  • Currency rate in Mexico is anywhere between 18 - 20 pesos per American dollar and the best recommended exchanging house is San Jorge. For the first exchanging operation your passport will be required, in the future - only your ID or drivers license.

  • You can pay in pesos and dollars in most restaurants and stores in Cozumel.

  • WIFi is available almost everywhere on the island.

  • Local sim card is not required for the visitors from USA and Canada.

  • It is prohibited to take any corals, shells from the beach. 

  • We highly recommend to reduce the use of sun screen products to protect the sustainability of our coral reefs. 

Arriving to Cozumel


Cancun Airport - Cozumel

1. Save time and take 20 minutes flight from Cancun to Cozumel with Fly Cozumel airlines. 

2. Take a private taxi or bus as you walk out the airport building. It will take approximately 40-50 minutes to get to Playa del Carmen where you will take a ferry to the island. A private taxi ride  will cost you between $700-$1000 pesos, if you've been asked to pay more, ask for a price list that every driver must have available.


Playa del Carmen - Cozumel Ferry and Airplane

1. There are two companies providing transportation from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel by water. Ultramar is enjoyable due their high speed ferrys, live caribbean music and modern boats, Winjet is affordable. These companies take turns and do not operate the same day. Follow their current schedule on their social media pages. Tickets are available on the pier or online.

2. Starting 22 of February 2021 Fly Cozumel announced their new schedule for Cozumel - Playa del Carmen flights that take only 10 mins and costs $1250 pesos per person approximately. See their site for most updated prices. 


Cozumel Airport Transfer

The only way to get to your vacation rental from the airport is through a shuttle service. However if you don't mind taking a short walk, you can catch a regular taxi just around the corner. Walk to Diego's Tacos and get both - delishious tacos and a lot cheaper taxi ride to your vacation rental or hotel. 


Cozumel Taxi Services

Uber didn't make it to the island yet. Instead Cozumel has a unified taxi system that allows you to order a taxi through facebook Messenger/WhatsApp or by phone, although most times you can catch a taxi on any street. Every driver has an official price list which you can request at anytime.

24/7 Base 1 - Tel: 872 0041 / 872 0236
         Base 2 - Tel: 872 5770 / 872 5771
WhatsApp 6am-10pm




Since May 2021 early arrivals and late departures are not going to be a problem anymore! Leave your luggage at a perfectly located downtown storage in Cozumel and rest assure that your belongings will be securely stored while you enjoy the island. 

Book a spot in advance, store your diving gear or bicycles. 

Price starting from 5$ a day.


Gas Stations

Please note, that gas stations in Cozumel do not work 24/7. Make sure to fill up your tank before 9pm. We recommend to use cash only.

Driving in Cozumel



1. Always try to use parking lots in downtown area. It will cost you around 50 cents an hour and insure you stay away from trouble.

2. However if you are heading downtown after 6PM, it is allowed to park on the main avenue, Av. R. Melgar everyday from 6PM to 8AM and Sundays all day.

3. Avoid parking on:

- taxi stations;
- red painted sidewalks;
- sections of the road with prohibition signs.



40 km/h in town and 80km/h outside San Miguel de Cozumel is the way to go. 
Keep left side of the road if you are driving a car and stick to your right if you are riding a bike/bicycle. Helmets are mandatory whenver riding a scooter/atv.

No matter how confident you feel while driving, it is a mandatory to fasten your seatbelt when driving a vehicle and to wear helmet while riding a bike/quad. 


Roads and ALTOs

1. Most streets in Cozumel are one way roads, please folow the arrows in the corners of the buildings to make sure you are heading the right way.
2. It is prohibited to drive on the beaches.
3. It is not allowed to drive a car, ATV or a motorcycle on the bicycle road on east (also known as wild) side of the island that starts from Palancar Beach Club and ends at Chen Rio local beach.

4. Please be aware that the street Carretera Chankanaab that starts pass Puerta Maya Pier is one way road.
5. Most streets running parallel to Av. Benito Juarez have a STOP sign also known as ALTO on every intersection.



Please give the right of way to all pedestrian on crosswalks. 

Emergencies - 911

Food Delivery

Food delivery

Just an emergency of a different kind, professionally solved by Fasty. Log into their website and place your order - it is all you need to do to enjoy a delishious meal from any of your favorite restaurants


If you are staying with us, you can request the purchase of groceries upon your arrival.