The Best Lunch in Cozumel

There is the only one universal tip for those looking for great travel experience: follow locals! That´s why, among all the popular restaurants, we´ve selected our favorite lunch spots. Follow the guideline to find the best lunch restaurants in Cozumel. 

1. La Choza

One of your best options for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Cozumel. Popular for its affordable and incredibly delicious home-cooked lunch menu, traditional dishes and drinks. Occasionally you will be enjoying your meal to the tune of live music and family & friends chatter. Welcoming family atmosphere, clean, spacious and with an amazing staff. 

        7:30AM – 10:30 PM

        Calle 10 Norte # 216 Between Adolfo Rosado Salas and 3rd Sur, Cozumel 77600 Mexico


2. K’ooben Laab

This is a unique experience. Popular for its delicious handcrafted pastas, bread and desserts. Not to mention lovely service and a cozy terrace area. You will enjoy their creative pasta menu and our favorite tortellini filled with riccota cheese, spinach glazed with a garlic butter sauce. If you are a coffee lover, do not forget to meet the restaurant owner Mirko who is also a coffee expert and can serve you some of the best coffee you will ever have in Mexico.

        7:30 AM – 9PM

        Avenida Coldwell between calle Morelos & calle 5, Cozumel 77600 Mexico


3. Los Morros del Morrito

One of the most traditional local restaurants on the island. Don't expect fancy but rather expect to have some of the best local and traditional food. 

        8AM – 10 PM

        AV. Sur Entre Calle 3 Sur Y Callle Adolfo Lopez Mateo 35, Cozumel 77600 Mexico


4. Casa Mission

You are always the guest of honor at Casa Mission. Enjoy traditional Mexican dishes in the patio of a large Mexican Villa in the heart of Cozumel. Casa Mission offers a casual dinning experience in one of the best non ocean front atmospheres, making a one of a kind experience in Cozumel. Family friendly and can also be for a romantic occacion. Enjoy a tequila tasting as you enter the Villa or walk accross the garden to your table. 

        8AM – 11PM

        Avenida 55 corner with calle Juarez, Cozumel 77600 Mexico


5. La Cuisine

La Cuisine is a great option if you are looking for a healthy lunch. Enjoy their creative vegan and vegetarian version of Mexican cuisine and drinks, weekly specials and much more. Convinientely located next to the two biggest supermarkets of the island, one block away from the sea. 

        8 AM – 8PM

        Lic. Andres Quintana Roo 100 Entre 5 y 10


6. Burritos Gorditos

Burritos Gorditos has the best burritos in Cozumel, hands down. You may not grab a table and seat as it is a tiny location, but with big taste. Don't forget to try their home made salsas! Convinientely located half a block from the main square. Their chicken and steak burrito is delicious. 

        Monday – Friday  8AM – 5PM, Sat 8AM – 3PM

        Av 5 between calle 2 and 4, Cozumel 77667 Mexico


7, The thirsty Cougar