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75 Minute Class

with instructor Edelma Rodriguez 

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Take a deep breath and get ready for a journey to your inner peace. Connect with your body, soul and mind while practicing yoga on the coast of the Caribbean sea or in the comfort of your vacation home. 

Our private 75 minute morning yoga class is led by professional instructor Edelma Rodriguez. All equipment you need for the class is provided. During the practice we use doTerra essential oils and handpan-style Ahau drum to create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere, to enhance your experience. Yoga lessons are completely customizable and available for any level (basic, intermediate, advanced) in three different styles: Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. For those looking to take their first steps into yoga, Hatha style is recommended. 

About Edelma 

Edelma is a professional yoga instructor living in Cozumel, and has been making people fall in love with yoga for over 6 years. Edelma's teaching style is characterized by her gentle and attentive approach. Speaks English, Spanish and the language of Love : ) 

"In yoga I found my purpose in life. In a combination with essential oil therapy and other practices such as acupuncture, meditation and cupping therapy, yoga has become my tool for auto healing and I'm happy to share this knowledge with you. " 



Once booked, we'll get back to you to discuss all the details, confirm time and location. Transportation is not included.


Duration- 75 minutes.

Location- beach or your vacation home.

Levels- basic, intermediate, advanced.

Styles- Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa.

What to bring? 
Comfortable clothes, water and a small towel.

Price: $60 usd for up to 2 people; additional person- $20 usd

Please indicate your level and style of yoga, additional people participating in the comment box while booking. Additional participants will pay cash in person to the instructor.

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