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Shopping in Cozumel

What to bring back home from the island and which stores are the best? We will share with you the most known and well trusted locations, where you can find souvenirs, food and much more.

What to shop for in Cozumel:

  • Mexican handicrafts; 

  • silver, gold, coral jewelry;

  • talavera pottery;

  • home decor;

  • art;

  • hand-loomed wool blankets;

  • clothing;

  • hammocks;

  • locally made chocolate;

  • vanilla extract;

  • coffee;

  • organic bodycare cosmetics;

  • salsas;

  • tequila.

Main Square

Mexican handcrafts

los cinco soles.jpg
Los Cinco Soles

The biggest souvenir store in Cozumel

Balam Mayan Feather

Art on feather

I love Mexico.jpg
I Love Mexico

Mexican handcrafts

Shop for local handcrafts, traditional clothing, hammocks, blankets and more. Here you will find leather products, jewelry, but most importantly don't forget to pass by Coz Coffee for a bag of freshly roasted Mexican coffee and vanilla!

The biggest and the most popular souvenir store on the island. If you are looking forward to finding most of the souvenirs at one single store – this is your place. Jewelry. home decor, talavera porrety, clothing, chocolate, salsas - all this has really good quality.

A unique art store that offers beautiful paintings on bird feathers. Feathers are safely sourced.

Probably the best spot to shop for the souveniers on the main square of Cozumel! 

Sergio's Silver


galeria azul.jpg
Galeria Azul

Art on a glass

Isla Bella

Chocolate shop


Clothing and souvenirs

Cozumel’s well trusted silver store that you don’t want to miss shopping for jewelry on the island.

An art gallery and the working studio for glass artist Greg Dietrich that works with engraved blown glass and creates unique night lights, lamps, candle art, and engraved blown glass vessels. He is also known for his wonderful paintings on silk.

It's a mother-daughter owned small chocolate store, where you can taste chocolate with al sorts of fillings. Be careful, those candies are very delishious!

One of our favorite stores for female clothing such as hats, summer dresses, blauses. Lovely decorations, souvenirs and bags you won't find anywhere on the island.

Casa Macrame Cozumel

Online store

First macrame store in Cozumel, contact them through Facebook or Instagram to place your order and it will be delivered to you for free anywhere on the island. 

Currently closed due to pandemic.


Body shop

Marti sports.jpg
Marti Sports

Sport clothing


Brand mall

Playa del Carmen Shopping.jpg
5th Avenue

Playa del Carmen

A wonderful organic store offering cosmetics for daily bodycare, vegan & organic souvenirs.

Did you forget your running shoes? Marti Sports has a high quality sporting goods. Starting from tennis shoes to pretty bathing suites and snorkel equipment.

Looking for name brand products? Pama would be the best option to try.

If you have extra time and need to do extended shopping, take the ferry to the main land and visit Playa del Carmen. 

5th Avenue is known for its hundreds of local shops and name brand department stores. 

Grocery stores in Cozumel





Sam's Club

Chain of stores

la cuisine.jpg
La Cuisine

Organic store

We consider Mega to be one of the best grocery stores on the island. Perfectly located, it has everything you may need for your stay.

Chedraui is another great option located close to Mega. 

Requires a membership card. If your stay is long enough to purchase at Sam's - go for it, they have some unique products you won't find anywhere on the island. 

Store with variety of unique healthy products, snacks, powerbars, organic honey and much more. 

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